14 Best Elopement Celebrants in Sydney

Finding your elopement celebrant in Sydney is easier than you think. With thousands of registered celebrants in the greater Sydney region there's no shortage of options. But with such a large volume to choose from, it can be a daunting proposition to find the perfect person to officiate your wedding.

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The quickest & easiest way to find the right celebrant for you, is to ask yourself some simple questions which are outlined below. Your answers to these questions will tell you what to look for and enable you to quickly shortlist the celebrants who will best fit with you & your partner. 

If you’re eloping, one of the first criteria to look for is a celebrant who specialises in elopements. Here’s why...

An authorised celebrant is legally required to make the wedding official, so your celebrant, by default, is always the most important (other) person at your wedding regardless of what type of ceremony you’re having. You can’t get married without them. But if you choose to elope, the role your celebrant will play in marrying you and the way they perform the ceremony is quite unique. 

elopement wedding celebrant
Who will share your elopement with you? Perfect Moment Photography

By definition, an elopement is a more intimate celebration that you will share with fewer people. Instead of addressing a large audience, your celebrant will be addressing everyone at your ceremony on a more individual level. Celebrants who specialise in elopements know how to maximise this experience for you, as well as your guests, in this more intimate setting. 

Elopement celebrants know how to set a comfortable tone while at the same time creating a momentous event of your wedding with just a handful of people present. They are a special kind of celebrant, with a special expertise.

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Because of the limited number of guests at an elopement, it stands to reason that your celebrant will play a more pivotal role in your wedding ceremony. Aside from being your officiant, they’ll also be one of your special wedding guests. Without the presence of a large audience, it will be with your celebrant that you share the joy of being freshly joined in marriage. 

In short, you will create many fond memories on the day of your elopement (and during the planning stages) that will very definitely involve your celebrant. Elopements by their very nature put a keener focus on the ceremony part of the day, and so your celebrant will be a more present and involved person in your wedding. For this reason, it’s so important if you're eloping to find a celebrant that you absolutely love! So...

How do you choose an elopement celebrant?

And how do you know which celebrant is ‘the one’?

We’ve reviewed Sydney’s most recommended elopement celebrants so you can quickly enquire with those who feel like a great fit for you. In this guide, you’ll find a short description of the type of elopements each celebrant provides and the individual benefits that each celebrant brings to your wedding. 

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When you’re on the hunt for an elopement celebrant, it can be helpful to ask yourself the following questions which will provide criteria you can then use to search. Putting words to attributes you prefer and the type of ceremony you want will significantly help in filtering a shortlist of Sydney celebrants to enquire with. Ask yourself the following questions...

Why you are eloping?

Elopement celebrant Australia Sydney
Eloping is more fun. Image: JK Sniper

Think about why you are eloping. If it’s to avoid the stress of standing in front of a large congregation because you’re an anxious person who doesn’t like the spotlight, you might prefer a celebrant who specialises in wedding ceremonies for 'introverted' couples. There are some elopement celebrants that offer fun, high energy and very entertaining ceremonies, while others offer calmer and quieter services. A common preference among introverted couples is for celebrants who offer simple & quick ceremonies, and you'll find several of these celebrants in our list of Sydney elopement specialists.

If you’re in a hurry and you’ve chosen to elope in order to get married sooner rather than later, you’ll want to find celebrants who have last minute availability. Most experienced wedding celebrants book out many months in advance but there will usually be a couple who can make themselves available in your preferred timeframe.  The trick here, is to provide plenty of information about yourselves and your elopement plans when you enquire. Celebrants are known to take on an extra booking if they love the story of the couple enquiring.

Elopement celebrants in Sydney NSW
They wanted an intimate elopement in the countryside - Cavanagh Photography

The quickest way to find out who has last minute availability, is to use the ‘enquire all’ button on our list of recommended Sydney elopement celebrants. Simply enter your preferred wedding date(s), share your story, and the celebrants who are available will reply to you.

The more flexible you can be with your preferred wedding dates, the more celebrants you’ll have to choose from. For this reason you may prefer to enquire about availability during a preferred period of time (eg “within the next 3 months”) rather than specific dates. 

Under Australian law you must lodge a notice of intended marriage with your chosen elopement celebrant at least one month before the date of your wedding. So if you’re really in a rush, you could be married within 31 days from today!

Who are you eloping with?

If it’s just the two of you eloping, you can simply find a celebrant that you both love and there’s no need to consider anyone else. But if you’re having guests attend your elopement, you may find it adds to your ceremony to consider them when choosing your celebrant.

An example of when you might consider your attendees when choosing your officiant, is when one or more of your guests speak a different language. There are many bilingual marriage celebrants in Sydney including some who specialise in elopements. Other guest considerations when choosing a celebrant might be cultural fit or shared faith. Remember though, these considerations are only relevant if they’ll enhance your day - for you.

Where are you eloping?

elopement celebrant Sydney
Intrepid celebrant Josh Withers in action. Image: Bulb Creative

If you’re planning to throw on your hiking boots and exchange vows on a snowy mountaintop, you’ll want to choose a celebrant who will wholeheartedly embrace your adventure with you. You’ll find several of these intrepid individuals on our list of Sydney elopement celebrants

Similarly if you’re intending to get married on a beach, you’ll want a celebrant who loves, or is at least happy to have sand between their toes. The more comfortable your celebrant is in the surrounds that you choose, the more they’ll be focused on you and enjoying themselves alongside you on your wedding day.

Also note, that your elopement celebrant need not be locally based. Many of Australia’s best elopement celebrants will travel to marry their couples. You’ll notice there’s a Queensland celebrant in our Sydney list, and for good reason. He is one of the most recommended elopement celebrants in Australia and couples regularly choose him to marry them throughout popular wedding destinations in NSW. (He performs weddings all over the world including on the snow capped peaks of Queenstown in New Zealand on a fairly regular basis - in case you happen to be considering an overseas adventure wedding).

Elopements are sometimes performed in places that hold a significant meaning for couples and this can also inspire a preference for who will marry you. You might prefer a local who knows the area well and can suggest locations for your ceremony and/or photos. Alternatively, if you're getting married in a cultural institution such as a library, museum, university or gardens, you might prefer to hire a celebrant with a joint interest or affinity with such places.

What are you including in your elopement ceremony?

Most elopement ceremonies include an exchange of vows and rings. You’ll also need to sign a marriage document and be pronounced as a married couple. In addition to these formalities you can pretty much include whatever you like in your wedding ceremony. Thinking about these additions can help you identify criteria that’s important to you when finding your celebrant.

Some common inclusions are; a welcome to country, elements of faith or religion, items of cultural importance, homage to origins, symbolic rituals, respect to elders, pledges such as to step children, readings, songs, the inclusion of pets or animals etc.

elopement weddings celebrants pet friendly
Bringing your fur babies to your elopement? Search for pet friendly elopement celebrants. Image: Perfect Image Photography

In addition to asking yourself the above questions, try to find celebrants who share a common interest with you. We’ve included the common interests of these Sydney elopement celebrants for this very reason. Shared interests give you and your celebrant a connection beyond the pretext of your wedding and add another level of intimacy & friendship to your wedding ceremony.

Imagine if your celebrant wove relevant pop culture references into your ceremony. Or spoke of your life experiences with the understanding of someone who has shared them. Or can make subtle in-jokes relevant to your profession/hobby/sport. 

So although there are literally hundreds of wedding celebrants in Sydney, it’s actually not difficult to filter those who would be a great fit to officiate your special day. Start here, with our list of Sydney’s most recommended elopement celebrants

We recommend you enquire with any celebrants you feel a connect with and shortlist those who have availability on your preferred wedding dates. You can decide from the replies you receive who you will take the time to meet. Most celebrants will offer you an appointment via zoom or another online phone or live streaming platform, and having a first meeting in this way saves a lot of time during the planning stage. 

Find your own special celebrant to create your elopement with here...

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Waterfront Wedding Venues in NSW

Australia offers an incredible choice of waterfront wedding venues, which is no surprise given we have one of the world’s longest coastlines. From beachfront and clifftop venues with ocean views, to riverfront properties and lakeside retreats. There are literally hundreds of waterfront wedding venues in Australia, and a diverse selection of them are right here in NSW.

Between the popular holiday spot of Byron Bay in northern NSW to the less well trodden beaches on the state’s far south coast, 2,137km of coastal beaches, cliffs and national park provide a picturesque backdrop for many of the state’s waterfront wedding venues.

But it’s not just oceanfront venues that make Australia one of the world’s best wedding destinations. Our inland rivers and waterways provide the setting for some of the country’s most Instagrammable wedding venues. From luxury oceanfront properties to affordable riverside retreats, here are 65 of our most recommended waterfront wedding venues in NSW.

Table of Contents

Blue Mountains Venues
Byron Bay Venues
Central Coast Venues
Hunter Valley/Newcastle Venues
Illawarra Venues
North Coast Venues
Riverina Venues
South Coast Venues
Southern Highlands Venues
Sydney Venues

Waterfront Venues in the Blue Mountains

waterfront wedding venue wisemans
1. The Retreat at Wisemans

Capacity: 200
Info: Riverfront venue with onsite accommodation for 120

 View The Retreat

Waterfront Venues in Byron Bay

waterfront wedding venue midginbil
2. Midginbil Eco Resort

Capacity: 150
Info: 3 day play & stay weddings in the mountains. Budget friendly. Accommodates 150 onsite.

 View Midginbil Resort

waterfront wedding venue pillar
3. Pillar Rock Farm

Capacity: 200
Info: DIY & BYO riverfront wedding venue with accommodation for 16.

 View Pillar Rock 

Waterfront Wedding Venue Riverside
4. Riverside Ranch

Capacity: 150
Info: Suitable for outdoor festival style weddings or rustic weddings in the Moondance Saloon.

 View Riverside Ranch

Waterfront Venues on the Central Coast

waterfront wedding venue caves
5. Caves Coastal Bar & Bungalow

Capacity: 250
Info: Beachfront, all-in-one wedding venue with accommodation for 200.

 View Caves Coastal

waterfront wedding venue metro
6. Metro Mirage

Capacity: 130
Info: Hotel in Pittwater that caters for weddings from 30 - 130 guests and sleeps 100.

 View Metro Mirage

Waterfront Venues in the Hunter Valley/Newcastle

waterfront wedding venue adam
7. Adams Peak Country Estate

Capacity: 180
Info: Rustic barn & shed weddings with spectacular country views. Onsite house sleeps 20 + cabin sleeps 4.

 View Adams Peak

waterfront wedding venue cypress
8. Cypress Lakes

Capacity: 900
Info: Nine modern spaces that cater for small weddings & elopements to gala receptions. Golf course & spa onsite plus accommodation for all guests.

 View Cypress Lakes 

Waterfront wedding venue mindaribba
9. Mindaribba

Capacity: 170
Info: Private wedding venue for your exclusive use on the Paterson River. 

 View Mindaribba

waterfront wedding venue albion
10. Albion Farm Gardens

Capacity: 120
Info: Wedding ceremony venue with 15 acres of spectacular gardens. Receptions can be held at nearby Woodville School of Arts.

 View Albion Farm Gardens

waterfront wedding venue newcastle
11. Merewether Surfhouse

Capacity: 350
Info: Oceanfront venue that caters for weddings from 30 to 350 guests.

 View Merewether Surfhouse

Waterfront Venues in the Illawarra

waterfront wedding venue tumbling
12. Tumbling Waters Retreat

Capacity: 120
Info: Clifftop wedding venue with uninterrupted ocean views, magnificent gardens, surrounded in nature with 12 luxury suites.

 View Tumbling Waters

waterfront wedding venues panorama
13. Panorama House

Capacity: 380
Info: Budget friendly venue with 180 degree cliff top views over the Pacific Ocean.

 View Panorama House

waterfront wedding venues seacliff
14. Seacliff House

Capacity: 180
Info: Popular modern barn with views over lush countryside to the Gerringong headlands. Sleeps 16. Enquire early.

 View Seacliff House

waterfront wedding venues sebel
15. The Sebel Harbourside Kiama

Capacity: 200
Info: Budget friendly, harbour front wedding venue. 

 View The Sebel

waterfront wedding venue headlands
16. Headlands Austinmer Beach

Capacity: 350
Info: Ocean front venue for weddings from 12 to 350 guests. Accommodation for 100 guests onsite.

 View Headlands

Waterfront wedding venue citybeach
17. City Beach

Capacity: 400
Info: Beachfront wedding venue with light filled spaces in Wollongong.

 View City Beach

Waterfront Venues on the North Coast

waterfront wedding venue stanley
18. Stanley Park

Capacity: 200
Info: Grand waterfront estate and barn for DIY/BYO weddings.

 View Stanley Park

waterfront wedding venue banksias
19. The Banksias

Capacity: 120
Info: Luxury wedding retreat where bush meets the sea. Weekend hire for your exclusive use.

 View The Banksias

Waterfront wedding venue fingal bay
20. Saltwater Fingal Bay

Capacity: 150
Info: Idyllic beachfront location for wedding ceremonies & receptions on the water.

 View Saltwater

waterfront wedding venue longview
21. Longview Farm

Capacity: 120
Info: Riverside country wedding venue with luxury onsite accommodation in a revolving house.

 View Longview Farm

waterfront wedding venue sea
22. Sea Eagle Point

Capacity: 120
Info: 100 acres overlooking a pristine lake. Ideal venue for weekend wedding.

 View Sea Eagle Point

waterfront wedding venue villa
23. Villa Vivante

Capacity: 120
Info: Luxury French-inspired hilltop estate with stunning ocean views. 

 View Villa Vivante

waterfront wedding venue tanilba
24. Tanilba House

Capacity: 90
Info: 6 bedroom heritage listed homestead on 3 acres of waterfront gardens in Port Stephens.

 View Tanilba House

Waterfront Venues in the Riverina

waterfront wedding venue nimbo
25. Nimbo Fork Lodge

Capacity: 150
Info: Secluded and picturesque wedding venue on the fork of Tumut River and Nimbo Creek. Accommodation for 22.

 View Nimbo Fork

Waterfront wedding venue with pool
26. Tindarra Resort

Capacity: 250
Info: 300m of river frontage for wedding ceremonies, cocktail parties and/or sit-down marquee receptions.

 View Tindarra Resort

Waterfront wedding venue wagga
27. Big Springs Homestead

Capacity: 200
Info: Tranquil countryside wedding venue on a working property. Accommodation for 5 available onsite.

 View Big Springs

waterfront wedding venue murray river
28. Perricoota Station

Capacity: 500
Info: Rustic all-in-one wedding venue on 3.5km's of Murray River frontage. 

 View Perricoota Station 

Waterfront wedding venue billenbah
29. Billenbah on the Bidgee

Capacity: 180
Info: 140 year old private homestead and gardens on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River.

 View Billenbah on the Bidgee

Waterfront Venues on the South Coast

waterfront wedding venue bewong
30. Bewong River Retreat

Capacity: 130
Info: DIY/BYO venue on 160 acres of riverfront bushland. Bungalows for 38 + glamping.

 View Bewong Retreat

waterfront wedding venue mimosa
31. Mimosa Wines

Capacity: 180
Info: 200 acre property nestled between beaches & national park. Sweeping views.

 View Mimosa Wines

waterfront wedding venue bawley
32. Bawley Bush Retreat

Capacity: 150
Info: Secluded lakeside and coastal self-catered wedding venue with accommodation for 44 + glamping.

 View Bawley Retreat

waterfront wedding venue driftwood
33. Driftwood Shed

Capacity: 100
Info: Rustic wedding venue on the Shoalhaven River. Private jetty and boat ramp.

 View Driftwood Shed

waterfront wedding venue terara
34. Terara Riverside Gardens

Capacity: 120
Info: 5 acres of beautiful gardens on the Shoalhaven River. Indoor spaces include the barn or greenhouse.

 View Terara Gardens

waterfront wedding venue worrowing
35. Worrowing

Capacity: 180 
Info: Historic 250 acre private property in Jervis Bay with 2 indoor spaces and unique accommodation including boat sheds and wilderness huts.

 View Worrowing

waterfront wedding venue cove
36. The Cove

Capacity: 200
Info: Private getaway for your entire guest list with your own private beach. 

 View The Cove

waterfront wedding venue bangalay
37. Bangalay Villas

Capacity: 88
Info: Landscaped garden venue ideal for outdoor receptions with restaurant for indoor option + 16 luxury villas.

 View Bangalay Villas

waterfront wedding venue mollymook
38. Mollymook Beachside Weddings

Capacity: 220
Info: Absolute beachfront wedding ceremonies and receptions. Budget friendly.

 View Mollymook Beachside

waterfront wedding venue cupit
39. Cupitts

Capacity: 150
Info: Boutique winery, brewery & fromagerie with cottage accommodation for 4 & views to Burrill Lake.

 View Cupitts

waterfront wedding venue tathra
40. Kianinny Bush Cottages

Capacity: 150
Info: Weekend weddings on 100 acres of natural terrain with a freshwater lake as its centrepiece. Flexible packages.

 View Kianinny

waterfront wedding venue terara farm
41. Terara Park

Capacity: 180
Info: A 22 acre horse farm with dam, overhanging jetty & massive converted indoor arena barn. Ideal for laid back rustic weddings. 4 units available.

 View Terara Park

waterfront wedding venue tilba
42. Tilba Valley Winery

Capacity: 100
Info: Family run boutique winery located at the scenic foothills of Mt Gulaga on the shores of Corunna Lake.

 View Tilba Valley

waterfront wedding venue kullindi

43. Kullindi Homestead

Capacity: 200
Info: Historic homestead with spacious lawns on the edge of Sussex Inlet waterway. Five self-contained units + room for glamping.

 View Kullindi Homestead

Waterfront Venues in the Southern Highlands

waterfront wedding venue wilde
44. Weddings in the Wilde

Capacity: 140
Info: Budget friendly weddings with a festival feel. Accommodation for up to 140 guests.

 View Weddings in the Wilde

waterfront wedding venue briars
45. Briars

Capacity: 200
Info: 15 acres of rural countryside with tranquil gardens, conservatory & lake-side gazebo in Bowral.

 View Briars

waterfront wedding venue mali brae highlands
46. Mali Brae Farm

Capacity: 120
Info: Boutique wedding venue on 90 acres of idyllic grounds with water views of extensive dams, drystone wall features, sculptures and garden art, an old boat shed and jetty.

 View Mali Brae Farm

waterfront wedding venue bendooley farm
47. Bendooley Estate

Capacity: 250
Info: One of Australia’s premier estates for weddings. From large formal weddings to more intimate and relaxed celebrations. Enquire early.

 View Bendooley Estate

waterfront wedding venue gibraltar hotel
48. Gibraltar Hotel

Capacity: 260
Info: Luxurious lakeside wedding venue with souring floor to ceiling windows, after-party bar and accommodation for all guests.

 View Gibraltar Hotel 

Waterfront Venues in Sydney

waterfront wedding venue palm beach
49. The Boathouse Palm Beach

Capacity: 200
Info: Sit down wedding receptions for 30 or larger cocktail weddings up to 200 guests. Absolute waterfront at Palm Beach.

 View The Boathouse PB

waterfront wedding venue the spit
50. Ormeggio at the Spit

Capacity: 100
Info: Relaxed and private boutique wedding venue looking onto stunning Middle Harbour and Pearl Bay. Flexible packages.

 View Ormeggio

Waterfront wedding venue freshwater
51. Pilu at Freshwater

Capacity: 60
Info: Spectacular ocean views and flexible packages for small weddings & elopements in Freshwater on the Northern Beaches.

 View Pilu

Waterfront wedding venue sydney poolside
52. Poolside Cafe

Capacity: 110
Info: The iconic Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool faces Woolloomooloo Bay on the fringe of the Royal Botanic Gardens. A unique harbourside venue ideal for cocktail weddings.

 View Poolside Cafe

waterfront wedding venue shelly beach
53. The Boathouse Shelly Beach

Capacity: 200
Info: Beachfront venue near Manly with private upstairs space or larger downstairs eatery.

 View The Boathouse SB 

waterfront wedding venue oliveto
54. Oliveto

Capacity: 250
Info: Elegant Italian restaurant in Brays Bay Reserve with water views.

 View Oliveto

waterfront wedding venue manly beach
55. Beachside Dojo

Capacity: 150
Info: Hampton's style wedding venue on Manly beach with additional private dining rooms for intimate weddings of 20 - 80 guests.

 View Beachside Dojo

waterfront wedding venue inter
56. Intercontinental Double Bay

Capacity: 495
Info: Highly experienced in large cultural weddings. Located in the bayside village of Double Bay. Luxury guest accommodation.

 View The Intercontinental

waterfront wedding venue watsons
57. Watsons Bay Hotel

Capacity: 350
Info: Harbour front wedding spaces and 32 boutique hotel suites. Ferry plus private boat access.

 View Watsons Bay Hotel

Waterfront wedding venue jonah
58. Jonah's Whale Beach

Capacity: 122
Info: Nestled above Whale Beach with spectacular cliff top garden, Jonah’s offers intimate weddings for up to 48 guests or exclusive use weddings for up to 122 guests. 

 View Jonah's

waterfront wedding venue orso spit
59. Orso

Capacity: 250
Info: Absolute waterfront wedding venue in Middle Harbour, adjacent to the Spit Bridge in Mosman. Has its own beach, wharf, jetty and resident pelicans. 

 View Orso

waterfront wedding venue manly skiff
60. Manly 16ft Skiff

Capacity: 150
Info: Manly wedding venue with stunning water views of Sydney Harbour and captivating sunsets. 

 View Manly 16ft Skiff

waterfront wedding venue sydney harbour bridge
61. Aqua Dining

Capacity: 150
Info: Contemporary Italian restaurant with unrivalled views of Sydney Harbour. Situated at North Sydney Pool.

 View Aqua Dining

waterfront wedding venue st mighaels
62. St Michael's Golf

Capacity: 200
Info: 180 degree uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean from the cliffs of Little Bay. Plenty of photo opportunities on this golf course 20 minutes from Sydney.

 View St Michael's

Waterfront wedding venue public dining
63. Public Dining Room

Capacity: 110
Info: Quiet wedding venue on Balmoral Beach with private dining room for weddings up to 40 guests and a terrace up to 75. 

 View Public Dining Room

waterfront wedding venue ovolo
64. Ovolo Woolloomooloo

Capacity: 300
Info: Heritage-listed venue on Woolloomooloo Wharf with views of Sydney Harbour and a range of creative spaces for wedding ceremonies and receptions. 

 View Ovolo 

waterfront wedding venue bondi
65. Rocker Bondi

Capacity: 104
Info: Neighbourhood cafe, restaurant, bar and wedding venue in North Bondi with a casual European feel.

 View Rocker Bondi

Waterfront wedding venues are extremely popular in NSW with many couples opting to exchange vows in front of the picturesque backdrop of sparkling waterways. And it's not just ocean-front wedding venues that are in high demand, riverfront properties can also book out up to 18 months or more in advance. We recommend enquiring early with any of the wedding venues on this list, which you can do using the links provided.

Cover image by Red Berry Photography



Best Glamping Venues in NSW

Choosing to have your wedding at a glamping venue is a sure fire way to set the tone of your wedding to chilled and fun. It’s an adventure. It’s exciting. And it’s different! There’s still not many couples in NSW who choose to accommodate themselves (or their guests) in a glamping tent on the night of their wedding. 

Glamping is growing in popularity though, which is evident in the expanding number of wedding venues that now offer glamping as an option on their properties. In NSW, glamping venues range from farms to adventure camps to beachside estates to eco lodges and luxury retreats. And the cost of glamping at these venues is just as diverse as what they offer.

Most glamping tents come in two varieties. Portable glamping tents are pitched specifically for your wedding and are taken down again as you head off on your life adventure together. Venues that allow portable glamping tents on their property either own their own tents and they’ll charge you to hire them, or tents are supplied by external suppliers. Some venues will make arrangements with external suppliers for you, while others will request you to engage suppliers directly.

Hiring portable glamping tents usually includes a comfy bed, linen, blankets, pillows, floor rugs and some in-tent furniture like bedside tables and luggage stools. Some also include an outdoor table and chairs for two, or deck chairs.

If you’re going all out and arranging a glamping village to accommodate your entire wedding guest list, you might also hire a communal glamping tent where guests can congregate for small social gatherings, and furniture and furnishings for an outdoor lounge area. This set up is often referred to as a festival style wedding.

The other glamping option which leans towards a more luxury experience is semi-permanent tenting. These tents are usually pitched over the top of, or adjoining a permanent structure like a deck and are not taken down between bookings. What makes this glamping option great are the experiential extras. Like the perfectly private outdoor baths on their decks in which you can relax while sipping a glass of wine while enjoying the breeze and watching the birds. 

Any wedding venue that provides glamping also offers wedding ceremonies and receptions onsite. They are truly all-in-one venues where (aside from a golf buggy or two) transport will not be required for the duration of your stay. Here is our complete list of wedding glamping venues in NSW.

Glamping Venues

Blue Mountains
Byron Bay
Hunter Valley
North Coast
South Coast

Glamping venues in the Blue Mountains

glamping wedding venue ding
Ding Dang Doo
  • Max Capacity: 100 
  • Accommodation Onsite: 2 cottages sleeping 9 + luxury glamping for 2 + portable glamping
  • Info: Horse ranch located on 30 scenic acres. DIY, BYO & pet friendly venue with stables suitable for elopements and small weddings up to 100 guests. 

 View Ding Dang Doo

glamping wedding venue outdoor
Australian Bushland Weddings
  • Max Capacity: 250
  • Accommodation Onsite: 216 guests + glamping
  • Info: Affordable weekend wedding venue perfect for river front glamping. Camp activities include canoeing, swimming, abseiling, low ropes, archery and more.

 View Australian Bushland Weddings

glamping wedding venue Spicers
Spicers Sangoma Retreat
  • Max Capacity: 60
  • Accommodation onsite: 12 + glamping for 2
  • Info: Luxury wedding retreat ideal for small weddings and elopements. A private and rejuvenating location for your exclusive hire with panoramic mountain & Sydney city views.

 View Spicers Sangoma

glamping wedding venue tobruk
Tobruk Sheep Station
  • Max Capacity: 200
  • Accommodation Onsite: 11 + Glamping
  • Info: A private working sheep station that's often used for film and tv production. All-in-one private property just an hour from the Sydney CBD. Available for extended weekend weddings.

 View Tobruk Station

Glamping Venues in Byron Bay

glamping wedding venue Midginbil
Midginbil Eco Resort
  • Max Capacity: 150
  • Accommodation Onsite: 150 including Glamping
  • Info: 3 Day weddings in a mountain location where all guests can stay onsite. Budget packages, BYO alcohol, DIY and the whole venue is exclusively yours for the weekend.

 View Midginbil Resort

Glamping Venues in the Hunter Valley

glamping wedding venue the woodhouse
The Woodhouse
  • Max Capacity: 150
  • Accommodation Onsite: 16 + Glamping
  • Info: An architecturally designed, industrial style barn that is a wonderful blank canvas for weddings.  All 100 private acres are exclusively yours for the entire weekend.

 View The Woodhouse

glamping wedding venue lonely
Lonely Goat Olives
  • Max Capacity: 100
  • Accommodation Onsite: 5 + Glamping
  • Info: A true do-it-yourself wedding venue that's well off the beaten path. Ideal for elopements & small weddings. BYO and budget friendly. Pet friendly. Exclusive use of property.

 View Lonely Goat Olives

glamping wedding venue stone
Stonehurst Cedar Creek
  • Max Capacity: 200
  • Accommodation Onsite: 30
  • Info: Unique deer & cattle farm, bush covered hills and onsite vineyard. Exclusive use property on 550 acres. Budget friendly, DIY & BYO welcome. Pet friendly & very private.

 View Stonehurst 

Glamping Venues on the North Coast

glamping wedding venue longview
Longview Farm
  • Max Capacity: 1000
  • Accommodation Onsite: Rotating house sleeps 16 + glamping
  • Info: Riverside country venue with luxury rotating house. Small & larger weddings. DIY & BYO. Pet friendly. Exclusive weekend hire available.

 View Longview Farm

glamping wedding venue banksias
The Banksias
  • Max Capacity: 120
  • Accommodation Onsite: 3 bedroom homestead, 5 cabins + glamping
  • Info: Luxury wedding retreat where bush meets the sea. Marquee for larger weddings. Exclusive weekend hire.

 View The Banksias

Glamping Venues in the Riverina

glamping wedding venue big
Big Springs Homestead
  • Max Capacity: 200
  • Accommodation Onsite: Homestead sleeps 5 + glamping
  • Info: Tranquil country venue 25 minutes from Wagga Wagga. DYI & BYO. Marquee or rustic shed receptions. Pet friendly.

 View Big Springs

Glamping Venues on the South Coast

glamping wedding venue bawley
Bawley Bush Retreat
  • Max Capacity: 150
  • Accommodation Onsite: Cottages sleep 44 + glamping
  • Info: Coastal and secluded bush venue. Function room, marquee or outdoor weddings. Budget friendly & pet friendly. DIY & BYO.

 View Bawley Retreat

glamping wedding venue cove
The Cove
  • Max Capacity: 200
  • Accommodation Onsite: 7 room house, cabins + glamping
  • Info: Secluded weekend getaway with ocean views and your own private beach. DIY & BYO.

 View The Cove

glamping wedding venue secrets
Secrets of Terara
  • Max Capacity: 100
  • Accommodation Onsite: Homestead sleeps 20 + glamping
  • Info: Woodland weddings on a secluded 13 acre property in the heart of the Shoalhaven. Exclusive weekend hire available.

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glamping wedding venue bewong
Bewong River Retreat
  • Max Capacity: 130
  • Accommodation Onsite: 9 Bungalows + glamping
  • Info: BYO catering & alcohol, riverfront and bush venue on 160 acres. Budget friendly. Pet friendly. Exclusive weekend hire.

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Glamping wedding venue paper
Paperbark Camp
  • Max Capacity: 100
  • Accommodation Onsite: 38 Safari Tents
  • Info: Beach or forest ceremonies for small weddings and exclusive use of property for larger weddings. Eco friendly venue.

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Off-the-grid Glamping Venues

glamping wedding venue petrichor
Petrichor Farm
  • Max Capacity: 150
  • Accommodation Onsite: Homestead sleeps 2 + glamping
  • Info: Luxury camping on 170 acres of grazing land in the Southern Tablelands. Abundance of native wildlife.

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NSW has a wonderfully eclectic mix of glamping venues that create the perfect setting for a wide variety of weddings. Whether you simply want a glamping experience for two or an entire glamping village that accommodates all of your wedding guests for the weekend, there’s plenty of choice on this list. You can enquire with your favourites using the links provided.

If you have a glamping venue you'd like to add to this list, please contact us at info@wedlockers.com.au or create a free business listing to get started. 




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